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Survival Run

Every year on the Island of Ometepe, Nicaragua, a race takes places that is nearly impossible to complete. Only 5% of entrants actually finish. It combines an ultra marathon distance adventure race, with survival challenges added in that incorporate the local native lifestyle on the Island. The race is called the Fuego Y Agua Survival Run, Nicaragua.

In 2015, Mark Wheeler was one of those entrants. At 50 years old, he became one of the few to finish the race, and go on to complete a second, equally difficult race two days later, to finish the “Devil’s Double”. Micah, from Silverline Films, had the honor of documenting his endeavor on film. “Beyond Ability” is that film, showcasing the struggles and accomplishments, and the reason why Mark was able to complete such a difficult task. It is not just ones ability to be fit, but it goes much deeper than that.

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