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Determination Is The Most Important Thing.

14th June 2016

“Determination is the most important thing.” – Callan Grant

When I was 8 years old, the most gruelling challenge I looked forward to was playing a 60 minute game of hockey on a Saturday morning.

I was an active kid, played several sports, I was even pretty good at them too.  However, after witnessing 8 year old Callan Grant compete in the Endurance Society’s 2016 – Infinitus Ultra Trail Run, my perception of where limits lie, has been drastically changed.

Callan, along with his dad Josh, entered the 88km Infinitus trail run late May 2016.  He outlasted many a seasoned adult runner, and all with a smile on his face.  Callan’s motivation, determination and perserverance during the event where something all should respect and learn from.  He’s one tough kid, with a strong will, keen head on his shoulders and great parents who encourage him to experience whatever he puts his mind to.

I look forward to meeting up with this young man in futures events.  He sets a high standard for all us kids, ages 1 -100.  Good on ya Callan.  Good moving forward.

Read and listen to Callan’s Race review from his 30 miles through rugged forest terrain in 90F heat.

Race Review – Callan Grant – Infinitus Race Review – Published by New England Spahtens

Podcast Interview – Callan and Josh Grant – The NE Spahtens Show – Episode 7  – Published by New England Spahtens

Jamie Boyle

Jamie Boyle


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