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12th January 2015
I went to see my doctor; who I have known my whole life, to talk about a surgery I need to get soon.  While booking the date, the conversation went a little something like this:
Doctor: Well how about the first week of February?
Me:  I can’t.  I’ll be in Nicaragua that week running a Survival Run.  I’m not sure how long it is, say over 80 kilometers or something like that… If I even make it to the finish, what about the next week?
Doctor:  Oh, I can’t.  I’ll be running an ultra in Switzerland that week.   How about the week after?
Me: But Doc, I’ll be healed from the race by then and want to start training again?
Doctor:  Well then try to not rip the stitches out when you train….
You gotta love a Doctor who shares your passions.
Mitchell Wood – Canada
Jamie Boyle

Jamie Boyle


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